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My Paintings


Sometimes I want to convey a feeling or mood without any real representation. As the painting progresses, sometimes it sort of looks like something. At other times I’m just trying to convey a mood with a good, pleasing composition.

I often start my paintings by pouring or splashing or texturizing the background, then finding the image or animal emerging from the background.

Glorious View

I never paint in photo realism, but I often want to recreate a recognizable landscape with a strong composition that also conveys a mood or memory.

People are very fun to paint, but I’m mostly interested in the gestural form, and not representing a specific person.

Tip your Hat
Wave at Sunrise

I love the ocean and the beach, and often find myself composing paintings that include or represent the energy of the beach.  

Some of my paintings don’t fit into the other categories. You will find them here.

Brilliant Conversation

I have had high quality giclee prints made from some of my most successful paintings. A giclee is a high-quality print using archival inks on watercolor paper, so that they don’t fade or change color.  

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